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Lennny The Lurcher

Lennny The Lurcher

“Happy new year” ! to everyone. What better way to start than introducing Lenny the Lurcher. A drawing done as a Christmas present commission for the owners from a friend and drawn by myself with a feeling I knew this chap quite well although we only met once. Lenny has a wonderful temperament, loves company and his domestic comforts. The owners commented that they were overwhelmed and surprised, so a great result knowing this will give them many years of pleasure on their wall. Lenny also appears on my website at under the blog and commissions pages for anyone wishing to see more. Have a great 2018.

Overcoming Barriers To Ask About A Commission

After a busy show at Wadebridge I found I had many people interested in having a painting of their animal done. But as happens al too often, very few if any follow up in the following weeks and months with confirmation of their interest. For some people it can be that just seeing what can be done by sending in their photographs for an assessment can make the difference. There is so much more to a painting of your animal than just a simple portrait although for some this is certainly sufficient. Every artist does it differently, but I have found the idea of combining images which reflect the subject's character and tell's their life story can make for a powerful memorial. By providing  snapshots of what the finished artwork can look like provides confidence to the owner and opens their eyes on what is possible. I would like to wish everyone a great Christmas and hope to hear from you during 2018.


Calving Time

At this time of year farmers are very busy in delivering lambs and calves on their farms and it was no surprise that I had great trouble contacting one farmer to inform him that his painting of South Devon cows and calves was ready. The painting 18 x 12 inches features Fidget, Gladys, Pride and Lora happily grazing. These are part of a 400 plus herd each with their own name and character which the farmer was happy to describe. The painting was well received and will bring many years of enjoyment for the whole family.

Easter Bunnies And Hares

Easter is coming up fast and everyone I meet is starting to think about gifts and cards. While chocolate easter eggs and bunnies is very popular, there is a wildlife aspect to this time of year with hares boxing. I have this painting I did many years ago printed on to gift items such as cushions mugs and coasters which can been seen under the gift item names on In addition to the painting there are other animal artwork images done in pencil or watercolour to choose from.


Happy Farmer

After a few weeks of painting, another commission has been successfully completed and delivered. The client was a very happy farmer who loves his Belgium Blue Bull as depicted in this painting. I really enjoyed creating this one as there is much artistic skill in bringing out the detail from a limited selection of photographic references. It is also about presenting the subject in the right setting to bring out the features and produce a work that the owner can enjoy over a lifetime.

Happy New Year

My first news of 2017 is to thank everyone for their support last year and the owner of Molly the Black Labrador for commissioning this drawing of her coming out of a rock pool. Molly loves water like most Labs and this one was done just in time for Christmas. Lets hope 2017 is a good and peaceful year for everyone. For anyone interested in meeting me at work, I have put up my list of art shows for 2017 at the bottom of my website home page at Happy new year to everyone.